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Signs of Political Motivation Permeate Case Against Kyrgyz Investigative Journalist

Kyrgyz authorities allege Bolot Temirov is a drug user and used falsified identification documents. But case files obtained by reporters suggest a high-level effort led by the GKNB security agency to silence him.

Dubai Uncovered: Data Leak Exposes How Criminals, Officials, and Sanctioned Politicians...

Russian politicians under Western sanctions, financial criminals, and corrupt European officials all own real estate in the emirate, which attracts investors with liberal residency rules and a ‘few questions asked’ approach to regulation.

One Family’s ‘Golden Age’: President’s Relative Controls Turkmenistan’s Only Mobile Operator

Turkmenistan’s only mobile operator, Altyn Asyr, enjoys an undisputed monopoly despite frequent complaints about poor service and exorbitant prices. Though its shareholders are not publicly named, reporters learned that it is run by a member of the president’s family.

A Top Uzbek Official, a Leading Businessman — and the Unknown...

The wife of Uzbekistan’s first deputy prime minister has never appeared in public. But now, two separate document leaks — one from the tropical British Virgin Islands, the other from Switzerland — reveal her to be a secret player in one of the country’s top business relationships.

Inside Kyrgyzstan’s Campaign to Silence Bolot Temirov

Here’s how sex, lies, and secret surveillance were deployed against one of the country’s top investigative outlets.

The Nazarbayev Billions: How Kazakhstan’s ‘Leader of the Nation’ Controls Vast...

The former president — laying low since the country plunged into protest and violence in early January — hid banks, hotels, and a $100 million jet in a network of foundations that answer only to him.