Press Freedom in Kyrgyzstan Is Headed in the Wrong Direction

The atmosphere for a free press in Kyrgyzstan is backsliding. Pressure against independent media in Kyrgyzstan is not new, but the latest developments signal a dangerous and worrisome turn.

Journalists in Kyrgyzstan have frequently been assaulted, followed, and taken to...

Kloop analyzed data from the past five years and found that despite the numerous attacks and strong pressure put on Kyrgyz journalists, almost nobody has been held accountable.

Pressure on Mass Media: Journalists’ Accounts from Kloop and other Publications...

Hackers were unable to gain access to the accounts of a majority of journalists.

A Top Uzbek Official, a Leading Businessman — and the Unknown...

The wife of Uzbekistan’s first deputy prime minister has never appeared in public. But now, two separate document leaks — one from the tropical British Virgin Islands, the other from Switzerland — reveal her to be a secret player in one of the country’s top business relationships.

Kyrgyz Citizens Might get to Legalize their Illegal Assets

When the administration intended to propose the bill is not clear, but according to the laws, a draft of which was obtained by OCCRP, citizens will have until the end of 2022 to declare their assets.

Government’s Pressure against Media Mounts in Kyrgyzstan

Tightening the noose on independent media, the Kyrgyzstan government proposed on Monday a new procedure that would allow the regime to block websites accused by anyone of spreading fake news, even in cases where no evidence is provided.

Wanted Kyrgyz Minister’s Wife Had Swiss Bank Account

He fled the country, was accused of corruption, and declared wanted. But his wife was still able to maintain at least one bulging bank account in the heart of Europe.

The Offshore Secrets of Kazakhstan’s President Tokayev

Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has sought to distance himself from his powerful predecessor, who many in Kazakhstan hold responsible for the country’s vast wealth inequality. But Tokayev’s family has its own foreign secrets: Lakeside townhouses, Moscow apartments, Swiss bank accounts — and a money trail that goes far offshore.

What is Suisse Secrets? Everything You Need to Know About the...

Suisse Secrets is an international investigation into one of the world’s wealthiest and most important banks.

“Single, but not alone.” How one Kyrgyz woman built a business...

Six months ago, I opened a cleaning company, where I only hire mothers raising children without fathers, because I completely understand their situation. I'm a single mother myself.

Osh protesters demand greater accessibility

More than 196 thousand Kyrgyz citizens were registered as having a disability as of December 2021.

OCCRP Condemns Growing State Pressure Against Independent Media in Kyrgyzstan

The Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project is deeply concerned by the Kyrgyz government’s mounting assault on press freedom.