Wanted Kyrgyz Minister’s Wife Had Swiss Bank Account

He fled the country, was accused of corruption, and declared wanted. But his wife was still able to maintain at least one bulging bank account in the heart of Europe.

Statement from Kloop, an independent media outlet from Kyrgyzstan: YouTube must...

YouTube deleted a video from Kloop's channel on November 26 on the grounds that it contained "harassment and bullying".

Analysis: How Kyrgyzstan is Losing its Transparency

Kyrgyzstan’s government, long known as Central Asia’s most democratic, is becoming less and less transparent — and the country’s once-active civil society appears unconcerned.

“Just black out my name.” A photo project about silencing the...

– Just black out my name. When I started shooting the photo project Just Black Out My Name, one of the subjects asked me not to mention/black out her name. The photos with her are also anonymous.

“Confidentiality” and government tenders on private trading platforms How are Kyrgyzstan’s...

These amendments also increased the threshold amount for government tenders, concluded by a simplified method, to five million som (Kyrgyz currency).

Government’s Pressure against Media Mounts in Kyrgyzstan

Tightening the noose on independent media, the Kyrgyzstan government proposed on Monday a new procedure that would allow the regime to block websites accused by anyone of spreading fake news, even in cases where no evidence is provided.

Statement from Kloop, an independent media outlet from Kyrgyzstan: YouTube has...

Last week YouTube deleted one of the videos at Kloop's channel and also banned us from posting anything for a week: we were notified that the deleted content contained "harassment and bullying".

Photos: How Batken residents left their homes during the armed conflict...

When shooting broke out on the Kyrgyz-Tajik border on September 14th, Kloop’s journalists went to the scene to cover the armed conflict.

Samayev, Tokmok city council representatives, and the attack on Tekebayev. What’s...

On December 1, Omurbek Tekebayev, leader of the Ata Meken opposition party, was the victim of a high-profile assault in Bishkek.

Asset Declarations of Kyrgyz Officials Increasingly Useless as Anti-Corruption Measure

Kyrgyzstan is the only Central Asian country that publishes its officials’ asset declarations. But the system, meant to fight corruption, has been degrading for years. Now, in a crucial election year, it has plunged into darkness.

Kyrgyz Citizens Might get to Legalize their Illegal Assets

When the administration intended to propose the bill is not clear, but according to the laws, a draft of which was obtained by OCCRP, citizens will have until the end of 2022 to declare their assets.

The Face of Central Asia: Sharia Marriage, Talaq, and Wives with...

Say talaq three times and you’re free to go: if you want, throw your kids and wife out of the house, and if you want, get yourself a second wife. This is not a story from the Middle Ages—it is exactly what happens in the countries of Central Asia.