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‘We Ask God for Peace’: Western Sanctions on Russia Strike Central...

For years, Russia’s big cities have been a source of employment and income for the people of Central Asia and the Caucasus. Now, as sanctions undermine the Russian economy, they and their families will also feel the pinch.

The Offshore Secrets of Kazakhstan’s President Tokayev

Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has sought to distance himself from his powerful predecessor, who many in Kazakhstan hold responsible for the country’s vast wealth inequality. But Tokayev’s family has its own foreign secrets: Lakeside townhouses, Moscow apartments, Swiss bank accounts — and a money trail that goes far offshore.

The Nazarbayev Billions: How Kazakhstan’s ‘Leader of the Nation’ Controls Vast...

The former president — laying low since the country plunged into protest and violence in early January — hid banks, hotels, and a $100 million jet in a network of foundations that answer only to him.

Kazakhstan, Facebook, and content. What’s going on? And is it censorship?

The company stated that such a joint statement was never released and that no exclusive access was granted to the government of Kazakhstan.